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Let’s set this straight from the start – Oceanic Premium WordPress Theme has been skillfully created with one person in mind, the user.

Gone are the days of being constrained to a sidebar on the right, now you have many options available when creating either a page or a post. Use the wealth of column shortcodes to your advantage to help customize your websites pages to make them look as good as they can be!

You will be amazed at how different each and every page can be, and with the ability to choose from a wealth of template styles as a base – full width, sidebar right and sidebar left, the options are limitless and your ability to impress guaranteed – take a look around this live preview website to see how each page appears, the number of widget areas and the included custom advertisement widget will please those looking to earn some coin from your beautiful new WordPress powered website!

Multiple Choices For Columns in Oceanic Theme

By using shortcodes for columns you can easily display 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns anywhere on a page for a more interesting and usable experience!

The flexibility of Oceanic puts the power of blogging back in to the hands of authors. With the ability to choose your template on a per-post basis, Oceanic gives you a more varied and interesting blog. You can now choose the template specific for each post, and style it using a full collection of useful shortcodes to help you organize content around striking images and make a bigger impact on your users!

  • Full Column
  • Left Column
  • Right Column
  • 1⁄3 Columns
  • 1⁄4 Columns
  • 3⁄4 Columns
  • 2⁄3 Columns

Professional Appearance in Oceanic Theme

Oceanic Premium WordPress Theme offers pre-built, professional quality, typographical features and styling to make your articles look as good as they can be.

We have spent a great deal of time developing for you, the ability to have a professional looking, easily readable, style set in Oceanic. With professional typographical styles for all commonly used HTML elements:

  • All Headlines (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6)
  • Blockquotes
  • Form Elements
  • Ordered and Unordered lists
  • @font-face typography
  • Multi Columns
  • Fully Styled Alert Boxes
  • Beautifully Styled Tabbed Areas
  • Fully Styled Tables for Tubular Data

css3 with graceful degradation in Oceanic Theme

Subtle effects using CSS3 help to define Oceanic Theme as a premium appearance for your website, blog or portfolio, but take older browsers in to account also!

Oceanic looks superb in all browsers, but those running the latest standards compliant browsers will notice the subtle CSS3 effects such as border radius, drop shadows and text shadows – all which degrade gracefully for those running older browser clients.

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